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Nao Suzuki (Brazilian Jazz,Healing Jazz,Composer Pianist, Arranger, Instructer)


Nao Suzuki was born in Tokyo,Japan into a musical family.

Her father is most knowledgeable about the classical music.

Her mother was a electric organ instructor.

She began taking the piano and some instruments lesson at an early age and also learned the theory and composition of the music.


She was entering  Toho Gakuen junior college in 1985,

the while learning Jazz piano from Eiichi Fujii.


In 1989 she graduated from  Toho Gakuen junior college

in post graduate course of music major.

At the same time,she started live work in Tokyo.

Jazz,New-age,Avantgarde,Improvisation etc.


In 1992 she joined Keisuke Doi who is the New-age shakuhachi player and recordings.They have appeared on TV.

As well as being an outstanding pianist she is also a composer.
She released[Suite Luz]that is first leader album in 2000.
[Eternity in 10] is 2nd leader album in 2010.
[Water Lily] is 3rd leader album in 2015.
All songs composed by Nao Suzuki.

[The Farah Quintet]is project of Jazz Samba in 2012.

Her contemporary and lyrical work, which turns on one’s imagination, has been recognized, and four tracks of recorded pieces of her album went on the air in the program called “Voice” of J-WAVE, FM radio station in Japan.


She has been working as instructor at Yamaha Popular Music School since 2003 and she has published arrangements a lot.  She has challenged the performance playing Hammond organ since 2007 and keeps expanding the range of her activities.


Her performance has tremendous variety; She has played together not only with guitar, saxophone, trombone, vocalist, but also with Japanese instruments such as Shakuhachi(Japanese flute), Whistle used in Noh, Japanese drum, and folk instruments such as erh hu(Chinese Strings), reading, folk songs and collaboration with dancers.


Her hard and unconstrained touch of piano has established reputation.  Her performance is light and elegant like wind, being translucent and dynamic, which invites listeners toward the world with contentment.


While her music resides in both contemporary and artistic worlds, it ranges from Jazz with mellow and groovy taste to Latin, which brings joy to many people. 

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